When shipping an engine or other high value item by freight it’s important to have a clear understanding of insurance options, who assumes the risk of damage during transit, and how the value of your item will be determined after the fact.   Most any freight company, broker or agent will tell you that your shipment is insured but once you take a look under the hood as to what typical freight insurance covers, it’s usually not near enough for an item such as a performance engine.

Every trucking company is required by federal law to carry insurance that provides coverage of a minimum of $100,000.   Sounds like plenty to cover your racing engine, right?   Think again.  Hidden away in the fine print of standard freight insurance is a provision to determine the fair value of your shipment which typically provides a limit of somewhere between 10 cents and 25 cents per pound.  That’s right…  the value of your engine is being determined by how much it weighs as if it were a box of pillows.   For a typical 500 pound V8 performance engine, this $100,000 insurance policy provided by the trucking company will pay you a maximum of somewhere between $50-$125 if your engine is lost, damaged or stolen in transit.

For all high-value shipments we strongly recommend purchasing a ‘Declared Value’ insurance policy.  It is not only extremely affordable, but it also provides coverage up to the amount you believe your engine or shipment is worth.   For a $25,000 high performance racing engine, you will be compensated up to $25,000 if it is lost, damaged or stolen in transit.   You can purchase as much or as little declared value insurance as you wish which puts you in control of the risks during transit and gives you the security of knowing that your investment is protected.

Declared value insurance can be purchased directly from your Engines Overnight representative with no additional headache or delay.  Simply inquire as to the cost of coverage at the time you arrange your shipment.   We have partnered with the premier insurance providers in the business that offer best-in-class coverage combined with the lowest rates available anywhere to ensure that our customers get affordable peace-of-mind when shipping their high value performance engines and parts.


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