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pEngines Overnight is a division of PPLUS Global Logistics headquartered in St. Charles Missouri. Engines Overnight is the leader in global movement of performance products for the performance industry and the weekend warrior. The goal of Engines Overnight is to offer reliable transportation and logistics solutions that makes us your one stop shop for your shipping needs. Whether it’s a high performance racing engine, a time critical parts delivery, or the heartbeat of your street rod project, we can provide hassle-free, economical and secure transportation of your shipment anywhere in the world.

Performance industry professionals can reduce costs and gain peace of mind when transporting engines. Leverage our strategic partnerships and industry knowledge for your engine shipping using our turnkey solution. Engines Overnight makes it easier on you by providing a competitively priced, hassle-free option for shipping any type of engine, anywhere in the world. We also offer customized shipping solutions designed for our high frequency shippers.